Folk Art Quilt Pattern

Folk Art Quilt Pattern

Excellent quality materials, good appliquéing skill and knowledge of wonderful graphic work – these are basic to complete a folk art quilt pattern. Actually, folk art quilt patterns are basically textile art; of course, there are the highly embellished appliquéd varieties, in which the folk art quilt pattern is completed by piecing together unusual colors, designs and motifs.

A folk art quilt pattern is sometimes heavily embellished with paintings or embroidered motifs that try to depict the life-story of the quilter incorporating the farms, houses, animals, plants and hand prints of kids. Those folk art quilt patterns, which are antique, are made of cotton or wool, whereas only a few folk art pieces are made out of silk.

Since, the folk art quilt patterns are mostly hand appliquéd, therefore, they try to convey a meaning or a message. Vibrant colors are used to complete the art of embroidery as well as to catch the mood of the designs. The colors complement the designs and the meaning that it is trying to convey. The basic idea behind making these quilts is to follow the lines and then go for the hand appliquéd designing. The variety of the lines can differ, like it can be diagonal or straight or cross hatching, anything.

The folk art quilt pattern can follow a lot of variation, like one may try to depict any particular tale or some may simply look fun and folky. Use of bright hues like green, blue, pink, yellow, burgundy and red are rampant in these quilt patterns. Some of the quilts are made out of the clothes worn by both family members, even deceased members. The folk art quilt pattern follows the backside stitching. Then, the backing is turned over to the front and top stitched into places to give the perfect finishing look to the stitching.

The folk art quilt pattern mostly depicts life over the stretch of cloth. Thus, you can have birds, horses, fish, butterflies, apples and even groundhogs patterns stitched. Some of the quilts are made from the variety of wools and wool challis fabrics and are adorned with wool yarn. Most of the quilt patterns are embellished with tiny stitches and the binding applied by the sewing machines. Nevertheless, there are distinctive stitches for the different varieties of folk art.