Free Quilting Patterns

Free Quilting Patterns

If you have just taken the first step towards knowing about quilt making, you can check the various free quilting patterns online. The Internet is an excellent resource for quilters as there many sites that provide free patterns. Not only are the designs are limitless, these free quilting patterns can be stitched together with patchwork, appliqué, embroidery, or other forms of needlework.

The best free quilting patterns are said to be the ones passed down over the generations. The basic design your grandmother stitched on her quilt, or the square patterns she used could now be the origin for a new modern quilt. Traditionally, quilters have been sociable. The "quilting bees" was a place where quilters worked together, shared experiences and exchanged free quilting patterns. A major part of the process was working together, especially when the quilt had to be put together on a frame. The quilting groups applied the final grid work jointly. Many quilts would become a patchwork of fabrics from neighbors and friends. Even today the tradition continues in quilt guilds, where the quilters frequently meet for engaging in social activities, listening to lectures and exchanging ideas.

In the past even though quilts were usually made with salvaged fabrics from worn-out clothing, in present times, quilters typically purchase new fabrics for making a quilt. This makes it easier to coordinate the fabric colors, by using patterns as well as solids and making mix-match textures. The free quilting patterns can be used for designing baby quilts, wedding quilts or for gifting one for a special occasion.

There are various free quilting patterns sections that offer resources and detailed instructions about ‘how to make a quilt’ easily and other additional information. Various dictionaries on needlework and quilting are good source of information on understanding the vocabulary used in the quilting manuals better. You can also learn the various quilting patterns names or know how to craft certain types of stitches. In addition, there are quilting pattern dictionaries that have quilt designs are alphabetically arranged within sections.

The sample squares are given to make identifying the quilting patterns easier. Quilting encyclopedias are usually more comprehensive with longer entries.