Hand Made Quilt

Hand Made Quilt

Today a hand made quilt is more of a work of art than a bedcover. With the remarkably artistic quilt patterns available ; you get to see some breathtaking quilts that personify character.

Hand made quilts are a remarkable piece of art that are even better to own. A quilt could be purchased or made by your grandmother, and presented to you as a wedding present.

In the past, women made quilts out of necessity. The hand made quilt that was initially used extensively later became a work of art. Hand made quilts have been passed on through the generations with a feeling of pride. Making hand made quilts is not an easy task. It was difficult to make a quilt even in olden days when women did not own a sewing machine. The hand made quilts were usually made from small squares or patches, of different colors and different types of cloth stitched together, on a base.

These hand made quilts were helpful in providing warmth on cold winter nights. In the past, patches were made not from new fabrics bought especially for quilting, but from worn out pieces of clothing that were not apt for wearing any longer. Gradually various different designs and patterns were created by these women, who worked to keep their family warm.

To make a hand made quilt you would need a pattern or design. You can make your own patterns, use store-bought patterns, or use ones that have been passed down over the generations. When it comes to making quilts, you no longer have to use patches from old clothing; however, it sure does make an exceptional quilt. New materials can be used for making your own distinctive hand made quilt.

Neutral color threads are a necessity for making a quilt. All you need is a large piece of material for ‘backing’ or base of the hand made quilt. A new material or an old sheet could be used.

Most people favor hand made, hand-sewn quilts and these make more money than the machine-made quilts. Hand made quilts can be presented as gifts as well.