Hawaiian Quilt Pattern

Hawaiian Quilt Pattern

The Hawaiian Quilt pattern is admired by most, but very few know how to make a Hawaiian quilt. Different from the traditional and other typical quilts, the Hawaiian Quilt and its design could appear simple, but are tough to replicate.

The first known mention of Hawaii quilting was in 1820, when the first missionaries landed in Hawaii. Royal Hawaiian ladies dressed in a tapa supposedly sat on the deck of the sailing ship Thadeus, to learn the art of quilting from the missionary ladies. The very innovative and creative Hawaiians soon picked up an exceptional quilting style that reflected their own culture and tradition . Thi s gave birth to the intricate and beautiful Hawaiian quilt.

Basically, the Hawaiian quilts were most complex and derived inspiration from Hawaiian royalty, volcanoes, flowers and marine life. Many of these quilts have a large appliqué sewn onto the fabric base with numerous short even stitches. The quilts were identified with a particular island by certain colors or blossoms that decorated them. The resultant Hawaiian quilt pattern would not be copied and would be solely the property of the quilter.

One can create a Hawaiian Quilt Pattern by folding sheets of paper to form a pattern or folding the cloth and cutting it to create a motif that is repeated about four times. Many of the Hawaiian patterns have been created to depict nature. Common choices include mango, breadfruit, pineapple and ferns or octopus and turtles.

Most of the Hawaiian Quilt designs have black or bright flowers and a contrasting strong background. Usually, there are only a few colors in every block keeping the quilt simple and clear. Hawaiian quilt designs embrace the fauna and flora known to the Hawaiian people and their culture and tradition.

A Hawaiian quilt pattern traditionally reflects everyday household items or objects of nature that stir up the memory of loved ones. This includes things like hair combs worn by Princess Kaiulani, a Ginger lei, or Plumeria blossoms. Generally, a Hawaiian quilt patterns does not use animals or humans in their designs.

People who are having trouble with their Hawaiian Quilt Pattern can check out various books and quilting guides. These books come with a wide variety of Hawaiian Quilt Patterns in different, designs, color schemes and styles.