Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

Hawaiian quilt patterns have always been popular in the world of quilting art. Its simplicity in the repetition of the silhouette designs makes it different from the rest of the quilting designs. New techniques, fabrics, tools and design elements are incorporated to the basic format of the appliqué style of Hawaiian quilts and this adds to its demand.

Hawaiian quilt patterns are considered to be a living art that calls for imagination and a passion for quilting. Hawaiian appliqué patterns have always been favorites of quilt lovers. Some of the basic guidelines that suggest Hawaiian quilt patterns include the following:

  • The pattern basically includes appliqué work
  • It is a circular repetition of 4 or 8
  • The Hawaiian quilt patterns are cut from one or two colors of fabrics

Flag quilt is one of the most popular Hawaiian quilt patterns that is a part of the Hawaiian quilting tradition. Hawaiian natives developed this new form of quilt designing. It incorporates the Hawaiian Flag and several other symbols depicting the Hawaiian royalty in different patterns. It is one of the many ways of honoring the short-lived Hawaiian kingdom. Flag quilts are also known as ‘My Beloved Flag’ and even today it is greatly valued by the island families who own them.

Besides flag quilts, embroidered and crazy quilts were also made during 1800s and early 1900s. Similar to the quilts made on the mainland, Hawaiian women used to make crazy quilts and outline embroidery quilts. These quilts incorporated popular quilting styles of the time and reflect the Hawaiian culture. Crazy quilts include embroidered motifs like crowns such as those used on flag quilts, birds and fish. Outline embroidered quilts basically have floral designs as compared to the other varieties of motifs seen on the mainland. Besides, Coat of Arms, one of the most popular Hawaiian symbols is centered on a number of embroidered quilts.

In addition to flag quilts, Orchid Hawaiian quilt patterns are also very popular. These designs are generally made with appliqué patterns and the quilt size is usually of 38” x 52”. Orchid plants are known to grow well in the cooler, moist uplands of Hawaii. Therefore, this design is considered to be one of the most favorite designs. Besides, the palm tree block pattern is also famous as Hawaiian quilt patterns. This pattern includes one original pattern sheet for every grass shack and one pattern for palm trees. This pattern includes 3 pattern sheets in all.

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