How to Make a Quilt

How to Make a Quilt

The art of quilting has been practiced in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Quilts are considered to be a symbol of tradition, love and home. Though considered to be a difficult task, quilt making can be very enjoyable if you know the fundamentals of sewing. Many a times, you may have been plagued as to how these collectibles are made. The knowledge about various tools required and the exact process will help you know.

Some of the tools required for making a quilt are as follows:

  • A spool of thread required for quilting.
  • Fabric pencil
  • Colorful cotton fabrics, minimum four inches wide.
  • Thimble
  • A pair of scissor used for cutting fabrics.
  • A quilting needle
  • A sewing basket to keep quilting tools
  • A straight edge of 1 /4 inch by 6 inch

In order to make quilts, you need not use new fabric; strips and old cotton clothes can be used to make good quilt strips. But ensure you use clean and pressed fabric strips. You can cut the cotton strips in any desired shape, such as squares, circles, rectangles or any traditional pattern. In case you are a beginner, it is advisable to attempt squares and rectangles. In order to display your creativity, you can create landscapes or wildlife quilts with colorful cotton strips.

While making a quilt you need to lay all the blocks in piles and decide about the design. Take the straight edge and lay it along the edge of your fabric. Ensure that the quilt pieces lay facing down. Now mark the fabric in such a way that there is a line ΒΌ inch from the edge of the fabric. Make use of fabric pins to pin two fabric pieces together with the line opposite to each other. After pinning the pieces together, sew along the lines and make sure you sew it straight. While learning how to make quilts, make sure you keep repeating this process till your quilt section is one square foot . Make many such sections so that you get a quilt of desired size.