Japanese Fabric Print

Japanese Fabric Print

The Chinese introduced stencil and resist techniques to Japan. Japanese built this art into beautiful forms of fabric patterns. Similar methods were being developed in unique forms, later evolving into what we better know today as tie-dye batik, and shibori the Japanese fabric print art.

Shibori is an age-old Japanese fiber art of bound-resist fabric dyeing. With techniques like binding, stitching, clamping, pole wrapping and folding that leave a permanent record of every stitch, crease and fold, shibori produces unique patterns on cloth.

Today the Japanese Fabric Print has undergone a change with the advent of the digital fabric printing. The new technology enables designs to be directly printed onto cloth by ink jets or other methods, thus getting rid of the need for screens, films or plates. This means very short runs of individualized and unique fabric designs can now become a practical, quick, and commercial reality.

Today, the Japanese fabrics and prints have entered the fashion arena as well. The Japanese fabrics are usually created from hand paintings instead of computer-generated images. Every garment looks like a piece of art. The collections are saturated with a timeless vintage look. Japanese Fabrics are expensive and come in various qualities. Quilters use the best quality, while m anufacturers usually make use of a lesser grade fabric for the fabric stores.

In fabric printing, the fabrics are printed in different designs, arts and colors. Japanese fabric print is done by adding stencil work in wood blocks and then pasting dies and printing it on fabrics. Fabric printing, a decorative design or pattern is applied to constructed fabric by roller, flat screen, or rotary screen methods.

The traditional Japanese fabric print, the woodblock print was the outcome of a collaboration of many people with different skills – the block carver, the artist, the publisher and the printer.

People who love color and form and want it inexpensively and adequately can opt for a Japanese Fabric Print for furnishings, clothes etc.

Japanese prints never miss the highest quality of art expression, and are known for their subtle and delicate coloring and grace. A Japanese fabric print chosen after discrimination and simply framed will give a room a touch of vibrant color.