King Size Quilt

King Size Quilt

King size quilts are in existence over a hundreds years. Initially peasant women used scraps of worn out dresses or shirts and leftover fabrics for making blankets for their families.

An average person would look at a King size quilt just as any another commodity, meant for comfort and warmth. However, it could be more than that. Quilts are very much a form of art as they are useful. Moreover quilts have been around for years; a t first what started off as a thrifty sheet for the peasant is now regarded by many families as a precious memento. A major reason why many still keep quilts as keepsakes.

In earlier times a king size quilt was so labor-intensive and large that making one would turn into a social event. A king sized quilt is still a treasured piece in many homes and people consider owning one of them as a luxury as the quilt not only looks great as a decorative item but it truly adds a touch of comfort and warmth to the home.

As a king size quilt is not as ordinary as it was, you might find rare pieces at a crafters mall or online rather than the regular stores. The stores put up for sale hand crafted items and crafting supplies made by the local artisans. You might most probably get readymade quilts or even materials needed for creating your own preferred piece.

These shops have truly amazing quilts with beautiful artwork, which that can be made from different fabrics. The beauty of a king size quilt is in its size. As the king size quilts is tough to sew since they don’t fit on the quilting frames well, quilters resort to making full size and queen size quilts that are easier to make and handle. So if you find a king size quilt it surely is something to marvel at.

The handmade king size quilts generally come in size 100” X 100”. The most exclusive feature of these quilts is their patterns and print. The patterns in use today are from the time of the American Revolution. There are various ways of making handmade king size quilting and they differ from embroidery to patchwork.

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