Long Arm Quilting

Long Arm Quilting

Long arm quilting is increasingly becoming popular. Long arm quilting is generally done with specially designed quilting machines. The machines are pretty expensive and the reason why there are Internet sites that offer quilting services to finish your quilt by using their dedicated long arm quilting machine services. The long arm quilting machines are like regular sewing machines. They are very big and enable a person to quilt quickly and attempt more complex designs. The machines need a lot of skill to manage.

Long arm quilting is considerably faster and stronger than hand stitching. There are endless designs one can apply to a quilt top on a long arm-quilting machine. Getting a top quilted not only saves time but also saves you from wrestling with the quilt using the home sewing machine. You may not even require basting. All the layers of the quilt stay tight inside the long arm machine rollers.

Long arm quilting is indeed revolutionary. The use of the long arm quilting machines makes way for growth within the industry and stimulates the great rise in quilting all over the world. Some quilters find the subject controversial, but there are some who use the long arm quilting machines for completing more than 250 quilts in a year. Long arm quilting machines give many people the opportunity of earning an income from home.

The use of long arm quilting machines has also benefited the whole quilting industry. Today more quilts need more batting, fabric, and thread, not sewing machines. They also demand for quilting books and instructors and classes.

Long arm quilting machine has no drawbacks. All one has to do is become accustomed to the use of the new techniques and machines.

There are many shops and online sites that offer long arm quilting. To get a completed quilt top, all you have to do is send them the quilt batting and quilt backing or order both from their batting and backing section. These sites have pantograph patterns, which are continuous repetitive lines. For this the pattern template is placed on the back of the machine and followed with a laser light. While the pattern is traced along at the back of the machine, the needle in front sews the design.

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One has to be honest here — an unfinished quilt top is not as exciting as a colorful quilt on your bed or the smiles from your family and friends as you present them a finished quilt.