Quilt Block Patterns

Quilt Block Patterns

From keeping the beds warm to adorning the walls or adding beauty and color to the living rooms, quilts have made lives colorful and brighter. Quilts are hand woven and comprise of a quilt top, layer of cotton batting and a layer of fabric for batting. This is one of the most common methods of making a quilt. A lot of historical and cultural significance is associated with quilts over hundreds of years. This started as a hobby for thrifty peasant women who used to put together scarps of worn out clothes and other materials to design quilts but soon this hobby developed into a large-scale industry. There are many patterns that can be employed in quilting and each pattern has its own beauty and style. Quilt block pattern is one of the popular quilt patterns. Patchwork or piercing is one of the most well known methods that are used for making a quilt top. In this method small geometric or curved cloth pieces are sewn together to form blocks. Appliqués are used to sew various shapes on the surface of the block. Some of the animal appliqué quilt block patterns are: birdhouse, butterflies and blossoms, giraffe, elephant, horse, sheep and various other animals.

Celtic quilt block patterns include:

  • Border interlocking rings
  • Border interlocking squares
  • Celtic patches
  • Corner ring chain
  • Puzzle patch

Besides these you can also find quilt block patterns related to:

  • Christmas
  • Zodiac signs
  • United States
  • Flowers
  • Moon and stars
  • Hearts
  • Halloween

If you are planning to make a patchwork-quilting block then you need to understand how the quilt blocks work. The quilt block grid can make your work simple, as you will be able to arrange the whole design easily. There are a variety of blocks available in quilt block sizes. You can either use one patch quilt block or multiple quilt blocks. Because of the simplicity they offer, four patch quilt blocks and nine patch quilt blocks are very popular. The type of patchwork quilt block you consider will depend on your expertise. With patchwork quilt blocks you can easily determine the finished size for the unit.