Quilt Wall Hanging

Quilt Wall Hanging

Quilting is an art and a skill that has been around for several years. It has been used to create works of art and also for decorative purposes. Adding a quilt or even a quilt wall hanging to any room increases its appeal and aesthetic value. Quilts add charm to any room, and if you are looking to give your home or room a feel of the country charm, then quilts are the way to go.

Quilts were initially used only for practical purposes. People used quilts to keep warm in the absence of central heating. In the medieval times, people started putting up quilts to block the chills and cold drafts that would invade their home in colder months. This is how people came to use what we now call quilted wall hangings. As time passed, the wall hangings were being used more for their aesthetic appeal than their practical purpose. People have been using quilted wall hangings and tapestries for years to keep warm, but now they are being used to decorate homes.

There is so much that can be done with quilting. Quilting can make any picture appear three dimensional and very real. What quilting does is that it creates a trick for the eye, making the picture look extremely life-like. You can use landscape as the theme of your quilt or decide on a festive picture and make a Christmas wall hanging with Santa Claus on it. There is not limit to the creativity for quilting.

There are so many different themes for quilted wall hangings. You can play around with color and fabric to match your home or the color of a particular wall. You can combine tapestry and quilting to make a very unique wall hanging. You can even match the wall hanging that you have quilted to the bedspread and curtains. This can make a child’s room so much more exciting and fun to be in. You can even gift quilted wall hangings to your loved ones. You can create quilted wall hanging with pictures or clothes as a ‘memory’ gift. There is no limit to what you can do with quilting.

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