Quilt Kits

If the prospect of designing, selecting the fabrics for, and constructing a quilt from scratch is such an intimidating idea that no quilts are getting made, in spite of the desire to do so, quilt kits may be the perfect answer to moving from the “I wish” stage to the “I did it” point of completion.

Quilt kits are available at arts and crafts stores throughout the country. Some of them come with everything needed to make quilts of all sizes, including instructions and diagrams.

Other quilt kits provide the basic design and instructions but allow the quilt maker to select the fabrics to be used and the type of batting, or insulation material, that goes between the top, decorative, layer of the quilt and the bottom, undecorated, layer.

Quilt kits are produced and sold by many different manufacturers and there is no one rule governing what must be included. Novice quilt makers may appreciate getting all the details, materials, and instructions in one place but more skilled quilt makers may prefer a bit more freedom for individual artistry.

Fabric stores are another great place to shop for quilt kits. Buying a quilt kit at a fabric store makes selecting the fabrics to be used as convenient as possible, if fabrics aren’t included as a part of the kit.

Another great source for purchasing quilt kits is at quilt shows and other events that feature quilts, such as at country fairs and some local arts and crafts shows. In situations such as these, the person selling the kit may be the very same person who designed and developed it. For many people, this personal touch adds a note of charm to the kit.

Of course, it isn’t really necessary to leave home to shop for quilt kits. The internet brings a whole world of quilting supplies, including kits, to the doorstep of every quilt maker anywhere. With so many options from which to choose, it may seem a shame to limit thoughts of quilt making to dreams when they can easily become real quilts, instead.