Quilts for Sale

Once a person has fallen in love with hand-made quilts, it’s impossible to stop looking for quilts for sale around every corner. One of the aspects of quilt collecting that makes the endeavor so much fun is that you never know where the next must-have quilt will turn up.

There are many retail shops that have quilts for sale and they’re sold in department stores everywhere. These are usually not the kind of quilt that strikes the fancy of the collector, however.

A collector knows that finding quilts for sale can happen anywhere at any time. And sometimes the quilts that are discovered when they are least expected turn out to be the most treasured finds of all.

Taking a scenic route through the countryside instead of tackling an interstate highway may be the route to finding charming hand-made quilts for sale along the way. In many rural areas, it’s not unusual to drive by a farmhouse in the country that has an outstanding assortment of quilts draped over fence rails or hanging from the branches of a tree or two. These would have been missed entirely along the interstate.

Collectors know to frequent yard, estate, and moving sales to find some excellent quilts for sale. These quilts sometimes come with stories attached and they become even more valued when the story behind the quilt is known.

Some of the most enchanting quilts can be found at places that seem the least likely to have quilts for sale. Restaurants that feature home-style cooking, especially those in the country or in rural areas that attract tourists, sometimes have quilts for sale in a gift shop or on display in the main dining room.

Thrift stores, re-sale shops, and flea markets are more good sources for finding attractive quilts for sale. So are sales hosted by the owners of storage units who sell the contents when payments on a storage unit go too long unpaid.

Once word gets out that you remain on the look-out for quilts for sale, don’t be surprised when you hear about quilts coming from the strangest places. Sometimes the stranger the place the quilt was found, the more treasured the find.