T-Shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt

A T-shirt quilt comes in two styles – the variable and the traditional.

The Variable t-shirt quilt is made by a variation in the size of the squares from t-shirts. Variable style t-shirt quilts are good if you have t-shirts of different sizes. This particular style allows you to put together various sized shirt blocks, small logos like smaller squares and pocket designs. If you have t-shirts that have been already cut, you sjould opt for the variable style t-shirt quilts. Variant block sizes make the quilts more fascinating. The price of a variable t-shirt quilt is basis on the wide shirt block of 14”. These variable quilts also have 2" borders and 1 1/2" sashing in-between the blocks.

In comparison to the variable t-shirt quilt, a traditional t-shirt quilt has t-shirts of the same size. These t-shirts are placed in a grid pattern, with sashing in between the blocks. The quilt is then worked upon with the help of a quilting machine. The price of traditional t-shirt quilts is based on the number of t-shirts of 14" square t-shirt block with 2" borders and 1 1/2" sashing.

A T-Shirt quilt is custom designed by using clothing saved and collected from special occasions and events, sweatshirts, T-shirts, jerseys and shorts and themes from rock concerts to sports, college sororities and vacations can also be incorporated.

Made to order t-shirt quilts are made with 100% cotton sashing, backing and binding. The quilters use a fusible backing, which is ironed onto the back of every t-shirt design prior to the cutting and stitching of the t-shirts into a quilt. This avoids stretching and adds to the durability of the quilt.

A T-shirt quilt is usually hand-tied with square knots on the back of the quilt or machine quilted in an overall pattern. Washing care instructions are provided with every quilt. This type of quilt lets one incorporate the diverse size of designs and logos on the garments. These mosaic styles help in incorporating more shirts and sections of shirts into a single quilt. One can choose between machine quilting and hand-tying for the overall pattern.