Create Your Own Comfy T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts are superb mementos for sports, school activities and sorority and fraternity events. These quilts are great for anniversaries, club activities, vacations, scouting events, and many other activities, which are fondly remembered.

Almost every other person today has novelty T-shirts that are an accumulation of the years of school activities, charitable functions, concerts, memberships of associations and clubs, traveling, volunteering, etc. Most of these t-shirts are hardly ever worn, but since they have fond memories attached and discarding them is never considered as an option. As a result, such shirts are likely to be at the bottom of a drawer for indefinite period, taking up space. However, you have an option of turning these t-shirts into a colorful alternative by creating an attractive patchwork quilt, using the T-shirt designs as patches.

The making of T-shirt quilts involves preserving ones fond memories, adopting a particular method of making such a quilt, and the option of more than one variation to it. Following the basic instructions can result in a quilt that fits a bed well. However, you can use other modifications for the t-shirt quilt dimensions.

Before making T-shirt quilts, the T-shirts should be in good condition and laundered with fabric softener . Any kind of discoloration or stains and usually show up on the t-shirt quilts. Do not try and cut your T-shirts, if a shirt is cut too small the quilters may not be able to use them.

Knowing the feelings attached to every quilt, the quilters make the quilt with loving care. The materials used are top of the line. T-shirt quilts have 100% cotton fabric sashing in colors that compliment the shirts. Customers who have a specific color they want for the sashing usually state this when they give the order. Backing material is 100% cotton and is often available in natural or white. Customers can also specify if they are interested in a novelty print for coordinating with the T-shirts. T-shirt quilts basically use two types of threads; thread used on top is invisible thread. This avoids distraction from the focus on the T-shirts. The thread at bottom is 100% cotton thread according to the choice of a variegated or solid color.