Wedding Rind Quilt

Wedding Ring Quilt

The Wedding Ring Quilt has been a popular pattern since the depression era as there were many scraps available for use. This does not indicate that a large amount of fabric had to be bought for the backing of the wedding ring. The nine-patch variation of the wedding ring would be an exception to this quilt, as it includes scraps in center in place of the outer ring.

Very similar to the wedding ring quilt is the Double Wedding Ring, which was usually created for the special occasion.

Wedding ring quilts can be made using cotton sacks, however there are exceptions to the usual use of sack for the fabric. Some use dresses or dress materials.

For gifting the couple something innovative and unique you can make a clothesline of wedding day memories. Put the Wedding Ring quilt in the middle with the couple’s names and their wedding date, the bouquet c ould feature many beaded adornments and the tulle bridal veil. Since such designs are based on a Wedding Ring quilt pattern. This makes a nice wedding present or could be used by the newly wed couple as an appreciation gift to attendants or a cake topper.

The wedding ring is the most important symbol of a marriage. The unbroken circle denotes the infinite love and commitment between the couple. Turning this symbol into a quilt turns it into a perfect addition to any married couple’s bedroom. A wedding ring quilt pattern is one of the most favored by many quilting enthusiasts and for a uniquely special reason. Not only does this type of quilt offer warmth, beauty but also romance to whoever owns it!

Wedding Ring Quilts are a great way of celebrating the couple. Various fabrics like that from an old pair of jeans, a christening gown, or the bride’s favorite dress can be used in some of the squares. While making a wedding ring quilt you can get photos of the bride and groom as they grew up silk screened on the fabric and use them for making squares for the quilt. Get family and friends to write messages on the material in fabric paint or indelible ink.