Quilting Machine

Make Quilts Effortlessly With a Quilting Machine

If you wish to save time for making quilts, then quilting machine is our best bet. A machine makes quilting much faster and convenient, which is why more and more quilters are adopting the machines. Our life has become much faster where machine has a predominant role to play and thus this fastness in life has compelled people to think about a quilting machine as a way to save money and time.

It is true that machine made quilts cannot match the beauty and authenticity of handmade quilts but the popularity of these machines lies in their meticulous procedure and fantastic accessibility. Another advantage of using these machines for quilting is the consistency. With the advent of machines, you can now easily get rid of fickle stitches and misaligned blocks of fabric. These machines help a quilter exercise a greater control over the entire cooking process.

It is best that you go for a quality-quilting machine. Such a machine is in no way a less expensive one but it is surely worth the money you spend for it. You can buy such a machine from a notable fabric store. The sellers are ready to inform you and tell you about the features of several quilting machines.

Having a quilting machine is not all, you still require other materials for quilting that includes quilting machine needles, tape for measuring, quilting pins and quality quilting shares. Along with the machine, you can also get quilting templates, from where you can easily trace a particular design right into the fabric. This you can easily do with a fine point fabric pen. You can neatly cut the design from the fabric and then aptly apply the design to your quilt with the help of machine.

The various features of a quilting machine

High Speed

– With a high-speed quilting machine you can achieve around 1000 stitches per minute. You can achieve a high speed especially with straight stitch because decorative stitches are a bit time consuming. However, with high speed you can quickly accomplish your work with utmost perfection.

Quilting Stitches

– Quilting stitches do come with several specialties. Stitches such as buttonhole appliqué and faux hand quilting are great alternatives to traditional hand-quilting techniques.

Manual Stitch Length/Width Control

– At the front portion of the quilting machine you will find a manual, stitch length/width control, which indeed provides you with several benefits.

Auto thread cutter

– An auto thread cutter is a unique feature on a machine for quilting. A cutter neatly cuts the top and the bobbin thread simply. This helps the thread from being wasted and enables a quick manual trimming of thread trails.

Manual Tension Control

– A quilting machine also offers a manual tension control. This is for regulating the top thread tension accurately and quickly. This makes it easy for you to make a quilt utmost efficacy.

Feed Dogs Control

– This becomes useful when you are doing free motion quilting. By dropping the feed dogs you can easily move your quilt.

Extended Bed Space

– Between the needle and inside of the machine there is a working area, which is actually the bed space. Such an extended bed space offers an area more or less 8-9" wide by 5-6" high. This becomes easy for you to deal with bulky quilts and large pieces of fabric.

Needle Up/Down

– This feature of the quilting machines allows you to stop sewing with the needle in a downward position. However, it will help you a lot when you are working with a heavy quilt as well as with free motion quilting.

Stitch Regulator

– Some manufacturers are always there to offer you with an optional attachment for a specific model of machine. This attachment is known as stitch regulator. This helps you by providing consistency while stitching.

Now, if you have understood the features well, then you can realize how easy it is to create a quilt with the help of a quilting machine.