Quilting Patterns a Blend of Comfort and Elegance

Quilting patterns are great stuffs, as they not only help you in keeping warm but also enhance the décor of your bedroom. A quilt has the ability to turn your room into a comfort zone. The most common form of quilting includes a quilt top, a layer of fabric batting and a layer of cotton batting.

Every single method and pattern of quilting has its own style and expression of beauty. Today, you will find hundreds of quilting patterns being used extensively. There are certain patterns that have originated during the times of the American Revolutionary War. These essentially include the double wedding ring pattern. This pattern has a familiar chain of interlocking circles.

Another popular quilting pattern is the log cabin pattern that has a chain of blocks, together with rectangular strips of fabric stitched at right angles to each other to form squares.

Details on the quilting patterns

Amish quilt patterns

Look around for the authentic Amish quilt patterns and then you can try your hand at it.

Christmas quilt patterns

It is a wonderful quilt pattern especially made during the best time of the year – Christmas time. On Christmas, you can have one of the Christmas quilting patterns to grace your bed, or you can just place it over the back of your couch and relax. In the evening, you can just place the quilt over your knees and sit with your partner hand in hand before the fireplace.

Baby quilt patterns

Quilt for baby should offer a bundle of joy. A baby quilt pattern is always a great cover to wrap up your little one.

Patchwork quilt patterns

You can choose from a range of patchwork quilt patterns, such as the stars, flowers, log cabin, and all-American blocks.

Hawaiian quilt patterns

The Hawaiian quilts have strong cultural and significance attached to them. It will be a pleasure to have one of these quilts in your home.

Appliqué quilt patterns

A number of lovely looking quilting patterns are available in appliqué. So, try your hand at it and get some great appliqué work done on your quilts.

Scrap quilt patterns

Get out all your old craps and create beautiful quilting patterns out of those. It would be a face of your creative mind and real beauty when finished.

Cathedral quilt patterns

Cathedral quilts are easy to make, so you can start with it even if you are a novice. These quilt patterns appear to be very pretty and never fails to create magic.

There are other exciting quilting patterns the Sawtooth, Sunburst, Bear’s Paw and other patterns that can make a quilt look extraordinary in the bedroom.

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