South America

Image of an arpilleras
An Arpillera From Chile: Includes brief information about how they came into existence

Alex Lomonaco : Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, at Midnight – Medium: Pure cotton, dyed cotton strings on linen

Arpilleras: This is a commercial site that sells arpilleras dealing with non-controversial subjects. Many images, clickable several times for close up views.

Arpilleras: Site is written in German (?), but there are two images of arpilleras.

Burial Mantle – Peru: Circa 300 b.c. – 300 a.d.

Guatemalan Textiles: What is Jaspe and How Is It Made?: Excellent article published originally in Guatemala Weekly, June 14-20, 1997.

Kuna Molas & Molitas of San Blas, Panama: Wonderful pictures of the incredible collection of Molas owned by Michael W. Swenty. Available for purchase

La historia de la arpilleras: The history of arpilleras, written in Spanish. There is a picture of an example of an arpilleras designed as a protest.

Magic Feathers – Textile Art from Ancient Peru: This is a book by James Reid. This site gives in-depth information about this 1999 publication as well images which are clickable for more extensive information and close-up views.

Maya Adventure: The Textile Arts of Chiapas Maya: Site gives overview and eight examples of the sacred designs that are used.

Mayan Women Quilting – Picture. Patchwork quilting is a traditional Mayan craft involving a group of village women working cooperatively.

Mayan Textiles of Lake Atitlan: Short article by Margo Blumschevill

Mola Collection: By Vera Fitzsimmons. Available for purchase.

Mola Collection of Bob & Elizabeth Gibson : This traditional Panamanian applique technique is described here.

Priscilla Bianchi : Priscilla is a Guatemalan quilt artist who draws upon the richness of her cultural heritage and the vibrancy of Guatemalan hand-woven textiles.

Threads of Hope: Review of a 1997 exhibit of arpilleras’ at Case Western Reserve University. Good information. Picture included.

Threads of Hope: Information about a 50-minute award-winning documentary about how arpilleras’ were used by Chilean women to protest the dictatorship of Pinochet.

Tribal Arts Magazine, Summer 1997, ‘Textiles and Carpets of Tribal Morocco” and “Lessons in Ancient Yarn: Ancient Peruvian Textiles”