Textiles and Symbols

Image of Kente cloth

(Image from Akan Cultural Symbols Project)

An Eternity of Forest – Paintings by Mbuti Women: An incredible online exhibit and information resource for information and images of the beautiful barkcloth
created by the Mubuti (Pygmy Women). Extensive information is acessible, including:

Essay and Introduction to Exhibit — extensive background information

Musical Slide Show of many examples of barkcloth

How Mbuti Artworks are created

Teachers and Young Persons Exhibition Sheet

Adinkra History: Site provides large-sized images of 16 Adinkra symbols – click on them for explanation of their meaning, along with a poem written by A. Kayper-Mensah which further illustrates the meaning of each symbol

Adinkra Symbols from Ghana: Site provides excellent large-sized images of 15 Adinkra symbols with their meanings. However, although images appear to be clickable for detail views, they are not.

Adire Cloth: From the Museum for Textiles – shows a museum quality example of Adire Cloth with explanation of the patterns on it.

AfricanCraft.com: A website dedicated to bringing the arts and the artisans of Africa online. Many exceptional articles and slideshows:

Articles Including: