First Rulers : Excerpt from an appliqued and embroidered thangka, circa early 20th century

Giant Thangkas of Tsurphu Monastery: This site gives extensive information about an applique tradition of Tibet in which giant silk applique hangings that once were created for public display and worship ceremonies. They are now being recreated. Images are clickable for close-up views.

History of Fabric Thangkas : Extensive article with pictures

Leslie Richen-Wongmo : a contemporary American textile artist working in a Tibetan tradition.

Sacred Art - Silk Applique Thangka : The Nechung Monastery in Tibet is famous for its art of sacred images.

                                                Thangka: This is a close-up view of some villagers putting together a thangka.

 Thangka in Tibet : Several beautiful examples are shown

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