Quilting Videos

NOTE: In addition to trying the Addall Used and Out-of-Print Search site on the Resources Page, university libraries, or university art and textile departments with dedicated libraries probably offer the best option for finding out-of-print videos.

Faith Ringgold: Last Story Quilt 28 minutes. Winner of the 1992 CINE Golden Eagle Award – In this video, Faith Ringgold tells the story of her life, starting with her childhood in Harlem. She talks about those who influenced her development as an artist. Live footage of the artist at work is included as well as still shots of some of her art work.

Faith Ringgold: Paints Crown Heights 28 minutes – This documentary follows both the creative as well as the process used to make the "Crown Heights" quilt that is a tribute to the 12 diverse cultures that settled in the area.

Hopi Quilts 30 minutes. This video was produced by television station KAET of Phoenix – Since missionaries introduced the American craft of quilting to Hopi women over 100 years ago, simple patchwork bedcoverings have evolved into contemporary works of art. This art form, featuring centuries-old native symbols and designs, has been virtually unknown outside the quilters’ villages. Now visit their homes on the remote Hopi reservation and discover how Hopi artisans have adopted an American tradition and made it uniquely their own.

Scraps of Life. 28 minutes. – This video presents stories from the mothers, sisters and wives of persons "detained or dissappeared" in Chile under the dictatorship of Pinochet. They create arpilleras to ensure documentation of the murders and other tragedies and horrors.

The Cloth Sings to Me. 16 minutes. Available through Filmakers. Can be rented. [No Affiliation] – This video about African-American quilters is the winner of many awards, including: Silver Images Film Festival in 1996; Los Angeles International Film Festival in 1995; Director’s Citation – Black Maria Film-Video Festival in 1995; and the Paul Robeson Award – Newark Black Film Festival in 1995.

Paj Ntaub: Textile Techniques of the Hmong. – Four Hmong female artists who now reside in Providence, RI present traditional techniques of embroidery, batik, reverse applique and story cloths.

The Spirit of the Individual. – 22 minutes. Available through Filmakers. Can be rented. [No Affiliation] – This video introduces the work of fiber artists Michael Cummings and Peggie Hartwell. It received an Honorable Mention for Best Artist on Film, US in 1997 at the International Indendent Film Festival.

Threads of Survival. – 25 minutes – This video is devoted to the pa ndau storycloths of the Hmong and how they are used to record their history.

Uncommon Beauty in Common Objects: The Legacy of African-American Craft Art. – Introductions by Ruby Dee and David Driskell. Artists include: Carolyn Mazloomi, mixed media fabric artist; Akousua Bandele, metalworker; David MacDonald, ceramist; Henrietta Snype, basketmaker, Angela Franklin, enamelist; and Kenn Forte, woodworker. 25 minutes.