Wedding Dress Quilts

Specialty of Wedding Dress Quilts

To put it simply – wedding dress quilts are those made by designing your old wedding dresses. You can even name these quilts as anniversary or wedding dress quilt. This is a good way of commemorating your marriage and other special events.

What happens in most cases is that after the wedding is over you never wear the dress for the second time. So, rather than storing the dress forever in your cupboard, try to use it for making a beautiful quilt. Thus, every time you use the quilt it will remind you of that special day.

How to make wedding dress quilts

  • Search for an expert quilt maker. See that the person has a good market reputation.
  • Decide as to which parts of the dress you would like to highlight on the quilt. It can be the lace and sequence, which the quilter uses to make the quilt blocks.
  • The quilter can also make use of other fabrics in the quilt. It can be anything from the wedding collection – just to give your quilt that extra shine and touch.
  • At times, you are a bit possessive about your wedding gown. Then in such cases you can ask the quilter to stitch the entire dress on the quilt rather than cutting it into pieces.
  • You can even give a wedding quilt as a gift to your children. They will just love it for sure.

Essential tips on quilt made of wedding dress

Be positive – don’t ever handover your wedding gown to the quilter with a heavy heart. Once, the quilter starts with wedding dress quilts nothing can be undone. So definitely, look before you leap.

The quilter you select should be an experienced one.

How to make wedding dress quilts so special

  • Choose a stunning background color to make the quilt look all the more special and beautiful.
  • You can name the quilt and even mention the anniversary date.
  • Do you want to bestow the quilt upon someone special? Don’t forget to mention his or her name on the quilt.

Wedding dress quilts are not just quilts; these are gifts to be treasured for the rest of your life.