Quilting Kits

Want to make a quilt but don’t know where to start? In times past, we could simply spend some time with an older female member of the family and pick up all her tricks and secrets of quilt making. Quilting, however, has become a dying art and most of us don’t have a quilting-savvy family member from whom to learn.

The art of quilt making may not actually be dying, as some people say. Quilting kits are a very popular item for fabric stores, arts and crafts shops, and at quilting shows and other similar venues. And there are literally thousands of quilting kits from which to choose, too. If the art were truly dying, quilting kits wouldn’t be such big business.

For beginning quilt makers who relish the idea of starting small and simple, quilting kits are available that include every item, pattern, and piece of fabric needed to complete a quilt small enough to grace a baby’s bassinette.

There are quilting kits that guide us through quilts appropriate for use or display at every holiday throughout the entire year. Christmas? There’s a quilting kit that’ll walk you through every step of the way to completion. Halloween? Hanukah? Harvest season? There’s a quilting kit with these moments in mind, too.

All quilting kits don’t include every single piece needed to complete them. They’re available in a vast range of sizes and designs, with kits available to suit every quilter, regardless of skill level.

It’s possible to get quilting kits developed to produce quilts of the most traditional design as well as more contemporary versions that help create quilts that look more like abstract art than traditional quilt.

Quilting kits are wonderfully useful learning tools. Once a would-be quilter has mastered a quilt from a kit or two, it’s highly likely a quilt of personal design is soon to follow. And once the craft has been mastered, don’t be surprised when friends, family, and coworkers ask for quilting lessons from you.