African American Art

There has been African American art in the United States since the first Africans arrived during the time of slavery. Since art is classically a representation of the society in which it was made, this art is valued as a vital contribution to the history and arts of this country. The earliest makers of African […]

African American Wedding Songs

When love is in the air, isn’t music wafting through it, too? It’s impossible to imagine romance without thinking of love songs and there’s no better opportunity to revel in the magic of the melody than at a wedding. Some wedding songs are traditional but others represent the special songs the newlyweds fell in love […]

African American Book Store

African American Book Store An African American book store has huge collections of fiction, non-fiction as well as educational publications that are specifically targeted at the African American audience. Whether you are looking for books on history, religion and/or kids themes, you are sure to find them in the African American book stores if they […]

African American Cake Toppers

African American Cake Toppers If you are looking for something classic and unique for your wedding cake, then you should go for the African American cake toppers. In the 1950s, it was a custom in US weddings to use diminutive figurines of the bridegroom and bride (in their formal wedding attires) as cake toppers; this […]

African American Calendars

African American Calendars The African American calendars have the African American essence – whether you speak of the themes and images incorporated in them. In spite of the predominance of the African American appeal, these calendars sell like hot cakes and the major retail stores that house these calendars do some real brisk business. In […]

African American Health

African American Health News on the African American health front is not very good. The numbers of black people suffering from varied ailments are constantly on the rise. There are enough statistical evidences that reveal that the numbers of African American patients are on the rise and the mortality rate has also multiplied dramatically. African […]

African American Cruises

African American Cruises Sail across the blue waters and savor every moment of your experience on the African American cruises. The customized theme cruises promise to pamper you with all the luxuries – from soul food to lavish accommodation, jazz, R&B music concerts, disc jockeys, bid whist and even basketball games. Why should you go […]

African American History

African American History The history of the United States of America cannot be accurately told without including the amazing contributions of the African American history makers that have always been a part of it. From the first African slaves delivered to Jamestown in 1619 by Portuguese slave traders, African American history is rich and full […]

African American History Books

The Heart Writhing Tales of the African American History Books African American history books are the gifts of glory to the lands of the Black Americans. As the history unfolds on the land of the African Americans, slave trade was dominant and it contributed immensely to the American economy. The African American History Books – […]

Buy African American

Buy African American African American items dime a dozen, and therefore it is quite exciting to buy African American products from the market. The products offer you multiple options to make your decision about buying and that too at a reasonable cost. Travelers from various parts of the world visiting the African American lands often […]