African American Art Love

The Existence Of African American Art Love

The term, “African American art love” is a broad term that includes the visual arts of the American black community. The art forms of the African Americans denote the feeling of love and creativity in all their artistic creations. The artworks mirror the influence of the various cultural traditions, which includes those of Europe, Africa and America.

“African American art love” is an indication to a racial phenomenon that includes sculptures, paintings, crafts and graphic arts all imbibed into one art product.

The conventional art forms, which depict the “African American art love” includes the wide range of plastic arts, like pottery, basket weaving, woodcarving, painting and quilting.

African American art – a way of self-discovery

The Africans who had to shift base to America needed to have a new understanding of art so that their artistic creations would be appreciated and accepted in America. One must have some information on the history of African American art to know what artwork will be appreciated in America. “African American art love” can be defined as the struggle of the Black artists towards attaining freedom from the foreign influences, and at the same time it is a way of self discovery.

Racial biasness had affected the African people for a long time and this was a great hindrance for the African American artists who did not get the fame and recognition they deserved. The Blacks were acquainted with woodcarving and painting as early as the eighteenth century times. In the second half of the nineteenth century, quite a number of African American artists earned recognition and acceptance in the field of sculpting and painting.

Today “African American art love” is recognized by the whole world. It is amazing that after evolving with the weight of slavery on their shoulders, the Africans were able to develop African American art to such an extent that it will be going strong in the world of art.