African American Community

African American Community

The African American community is one of rich cultural heritage and fast bonds held strong by many generations of strife, struggle, and misunderstanding. Throughout time, African Americans have, in turn, stood strong and defiant against the face of injustice and, at other times, have tried to hide, even deny, their African lineage. It would be nice to think that African Americans today can stand proud and united in celebration of the remarkable journey made by their ancestors who helped shape America into the great nation it is today.

The sense of African American community at work in today’s society seems to be one of growing solidarity and pride. Artistic and cultural events and celebrations abound to honor the African American of today as well as those of days gone by. Restoration of historical landmarks that feature prominently in African American history proliferate and stand as lasting reminders of the significance of the African American community in this country’s history.

The spirituality of the African American community is evidenced in the historical importance of church membership and attendance. The soul-stirring music and messages heard in African American churches throughout the nation serve as strong reminders that God is watching over us all, equally, and that people who pray together, stay together.

Educational opportunities have allowed the economic strengthening of the African American community over the last several generations. African Americans are no longer relegated to the lowest, meanest, level of economic strife and the black middle class is growing faster than most other demographic sectors of our society. Many African Americans enjoy affluent, even wealthy, lifestyles today.

Even the political arena is being shaped and our government’s policies are being reformed and refined by the increasing presence of the African American community in governing roles at every level. The power behind the right to vote for our nation’s leaders provides an unprecedented forum for the black voice to be heard and reckoned with.

Although racial discrimination is undeniably a continuing problem in the United States of America today, we are, nevertheless, living in times when the African American community has more freedom of movement, expression, and choice than ever before in our nation’s history. Perhaps we are, indeed, well on the way to becoming that idealized nation created under God, with liberty and justice for all.