Quilting Quilt

The Essence of Quilting Quilt

Quilting quilt is a form of craft that has served as a means of earning for many people down the centuries. Earlier, almost anything was used for quilting quilt, from scraps of material to quality fabrics. However, in the course of time, several quilt designs came into being. Eventually these designs were handed down from one generation to the other. With such a range of designs, the craftsmen started to use their skills in selecting the fabrics, matching the patterns and colors along with the application of patchwork, appliqué or whole cloth.

The working scenario at that point of time was a bit different. Earlier there was a quilting frame around which groups of women settled down to work together and create a finished quilt. The groups formed by such women had a great social significance and the atmosphere was quite like a party. At that point of time, special quilts were made for special ceremonies like engagements and weddings.

There was another special variety called the freedom quilt, which was a sort of a special gift to a young man on his 20th birthday. Social significance of quilting quilt is still alive today. Through such works of art, lots of social ideas and consciousness is shared between all groups and communities of the world.

Making your own quilt

This is a quilting quilt experience par excellence. The satisfaction you get when you see your finished quilt is indeed an unexplainable feeling. You feel as if you have achieved something through your skill and ability to create something artistic and elegant. Never forget to add your name and date to the quilt you have made because it is your creation and special for you.

Nowadays, it doesn’t require much time for quilting quilt because the work can be done through modern quilting machines. However, to begin with you should try quilting with your hand and then take to machines. This is a tribute to this particular form of art and craft.

Certain things to consider before you start quilting

  • You should make sure that whether the fabric you are using needs prewashing or not.
  • However, if you need to wash your quilt you must make sure that the colors are permanent and they won’t lose their luster after washing.
  • It is also for you to decide that whether you are to go for hand sewing or machine sewing. A hand quilting lets you enjoy the true essence of the craft whereas a machine quilt makes the work done much faster.

How to do it

For quilting quilt you also need to cut a pattern by using a sharp scissor or cutting wheel. However, if you are in search of a pattern then just go through the stuff provided on the Internet. The kind of pattern you choose for quilting quilt should suggest how you should put the blocks together and how to sew the item in straight lines. This is the time when you need a sewing machine.

The last step

After you have finished with the quilt top the next step of quilting quilt would be to complete the entire quilt. For this you need to form the padding, which is sometimes referred as batting. The type and the thickness of the batting depend on the sort of quilt you want to have.

At this stage of quilting quilt, you are also in need of a proper backing which forms the underside of the quilt. When you start sewing begin from the middle and this will help you keep the entire thing smooth and unwrinkled. This part of quilting quilt is basically done along the seams of the block and referred as stitching ‘in the ditch’. You finally finish with the edges of the quilt by binding or sewing the tussles with utmost perfection and neatness.

Quilting quilt is not an easy job, however with long time practice and genuine efforts you can produce great quilts.