Native American Cross

The Native American Cross Stitch Patterns Honors The Native Americans

The native American cross stitch patterns were designed to honor the native American people who were proud of their heritage and had endured many tragedies standing their ground firmly and strongly. Many companies are thus honoring these native Americans for their courage, heritage and strength through the cross stitch patterns.

Get familiar with the cross stitch designs

The native American cross stitch patterns reveal the predominance of earth tones, like grey, brown, green, tan and yellow. The patterns depend on the tribe they are based on; thus, you can get the presence of colors like blue, red and purple. The cross stitch designs from the native Americans will also be having elements of animals and nature featured.


For the native Americans, the spirituality is a vital factor. Spirituality is an inseparable part of their culture and the prayers are also included with them. The belief is predominant among the native Americans that the animal spirits affect their daily life. Therefore, they have in their charts the depiction of eagles, wolves and bears.

Personalizing the native American cross stitch patterns

There are other components that you will get to see in the native American cross stitch designs, which are dream catchers, historical figures, dancers and other pottery examples. You can also get the option of personalizing the cross stitch patterns; if you have an image in your mind get it with a software that enables you to get your image in the cross stitch pattern. Just provide the picture and get the pattern. The different kinds of software that helps in getting this job done are Ursa Software, PC Stitch, and HobbyWare’s Pattern Maker.

Settling for a particular cross stitch pattern can be a very personal matter. You will be surprised to find patterns and kits on just about every topic under the sun.

The cross stitch pattern can be purchased separately or as a kit where all the fabric and thread is included. The shipping charges are not expensive and you will be able to receive it in just two weeks.

The native American cross stitch patterns can be greatly impressive. The vast range of patterns that are available today look pretty good and they make an amazing finished cross stitch decorative piece. So, what makes you wait? Go and get a kit.