Native American Indians

Native American Indians

The history and culture of the Native American Indians forms a larger part of everyday life than most people realize. Many of their customs and habits relating to food, jewelry, art and even the words we use can be traced back to the Native American Indians. In fact, many people today probably have a little Native American blood in them!

To understand exactly how much of an influence Native American Indians have on our lives today, it is important to understand their history and how they lived. Today, the Native American population is in a crisis, plagued by poverty, alcoholism and poor education and they are working together to heal their community and move forward.

A Vast Past

When we think of Native American Indians, the first thing that comes to mind is the numerous tribes that exist among the Native American people. These tribes were extremely varied; some followed an agricultural way of life while others were nomadic. Some lived in the plains while others lived in deserts or on the coast. With such a wide cross-section of tribes, each with their own customs and histories, it is easy to see that the history of the Native American people is incredibly vast as well.

So where does one start? How does one begin to understand Native American Indians and their history? The best way is to focus on one particular tribe; certain artifacts or pieces of jewelry that we use today can be traced back to specific tribes. The internet holds a vast resource of information right at your fingertips which you can access at any time. A number of resource centers and museums are dedicated to Native American history. These can provide you with valuable information and you may be able to garner some first hand knowledge on different artifacts and their symbolic meanings. By learning more about Native American Indians, we learn more about ourselves.