Asian Print Fabric

Asian Print Fabric

Asian print fabrics are among the best in the world. With a wide variety of designs, you can choose your favorite . They can be used in several ways; in trade shows, lobby displays, signage and museum displays. Whether designer clothes, furniture or classy curtains, Asian print fabrics are world famous for their high quality texture and prints.

In case you wish to create designs, you will require an iron on transfer kit. These kits are available at computer stores. You may find some kits with images, which you can use for your project. Besides you can also search for images from the Internet. But it calls for a lot of research to get the image of your choice. In addition, you can also buy software in which you will get about 10,000 images. You can easily put the images on your shirts, but always do that after checking the copyright issues.

A decorative style is incorporated to constructed fabric with the help of methods such as dye sublimation or direct digital printing. D ye sublimation printing involves digital printing of an image in the reverse order some specific dye sublimation toners or inks on traditional med iums like paper. However, in case of direct fabric digital printing, the fabric is used directly in the inkjet printer. It is essential to have a coating of special inkjet on it, so that it takes the ink in the manner an inkjet paper would.

Some of the popular Asian print fabrics are as follows:

  1. Poly Twill: Poly twill is a very famous fabric, which is used for trade show banners, table clothes and table throws. It is considered to be an excellent material used for four-color process printing. It is washable and wrinkle resistant.
  2. Poly knit: It is widely used for lined curtains, banners and POP backdrops. Besides it also offers an excellent print quality and provides a similar feel and look like nylon.
  3. Poly Lucent: It is extensively used in displays conveying a semi-transparent look. It is also used for silhouettes and special mood lighting.