Printable Quilt Patterns

Printable Quilt Patterns

The term “printable quilt patterns” refers to the manner of printing quilt patterns with the help of a computer. Now, this can be done in two ways; firstly, you can print it on the fabric directly and secondly, you can transfer printing on fabric. In transfer printing, all you have to do is to print the images onto an intermediate special transfer paper, and then that paper is used for printing on the fabric.

Direct Printing And The Printable Quilt Patterns

In the Direct Printing process, the fabric itself is run through the computer as if it were paper. The printing is done directly on the fabric with the computer inks.

Previously, when there was sheer absence of the color printers, the fabrics were printed by making use only of the black images, text or line drawings with dot matrix ribbon printers or laser printers. With the help of the color laser printers, permanent images can be formed on fabric if heat is set with an iron.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing procedure is all about getting an image printed or copied onto a transfer paper that is specially coated. The printed-paper is placed face down on the fabric followed by the application of heat and the image is finally transferred to the fabric.

Bubble Jet Set And The Printable Quilt Patterns

In printable quilt patterns, a problem may arise regarding keeping the inks from running and fading from the fabric. In the past, the ink used in the ink jet printers was water-soluble and thus the color did not stay in the fabric. So, what could be the solution for this? Well there is definitely a solution and the name of it is Bubble Jet.

The Bubble Jet set was a boon for the quilters. The method of using this set was very simple – a piece of fabric that has been precut to a size that is suitable for your printer is submerged into the liquid and then hung to drip dry.

The treated fabric is ironed and then ironed to a backing of freezer paper for stiffening it. The loose threads should be trimmed to stop them from catching in the printer mechanism. Ultimately, the sheet of stiff fabric is run through and printed with the image and you have your printable quilt patterns.