Quilt Block of the Month

Quilt Block of the Month

Quilting is a method of stitching together layers of fabrics, which are filled with a soft textile like cotton. There are various quilting clubs wherein people with quilting experience are given an opportunity of helping members who want to learn more about quilting. These clubs and organizations always have ongoing projects like the “Quilt Block of the Month” wherein a certain theme is selected as a block of the month. The club members have a ‘quilt block of the month’ pattern exchange; secret sisters, classes and surprise swap programs.

Various stores and online sites also have the quilt block of the month program wherein the blocks of the month are sold as patterns or kits, including the fabrics. They provide all the patterns needed to finish the block of the month quilt.

Stores that sell Quilt Blocks of the Month offer the fabrics and patterns needed for making the block. When people sign up for a quilt block of the month, they are committed to buying the complete set. They also provide the binding, batting and backing to finish the quilt block of the month. You can contact them if you have any kind of queries regarding quilting.

Besides the Quilt Block of the club, the quilting clubs have other projects as well. In the Appliqué Block of the Month, an Appliqué Club class is also conducted so that people who want to learn appliqué can enroll in the class . The appliqué club would probably get together once a month and give a chance to people of any skill level to come in and work on their projects and get helpful ideas hints from other appliqués.

In the Quilt block of the month program the amateur quilter can receives a new portion of the quilt every month. Almost 30 different Block of the Month patterns are supplied, many of these are created by the in-house designers and are exclusive to certain stores. Blocks of the Month are can be shipped to various countries like Australia, China, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan. Blocks of the month are available as pattern only, as discounted sets.