Quilt in a Day

Quilt in a Day

Quilts are a symbol of home, love and tradition. They nourish and comfort us, while making us feel secure and cozy. It is possible to make a quilt in a day! May sound strange, but it is true. It is easy to make a quilt if you know how to, and have the appropriate tools. There aren’t many specialized tools that are needed for making a quilt. All you would need is a needle and thread, pair of scissors and a great idea. In place of the great idea, you can also use patterns.

The art of quilt making originated during the 1800’s in America. Over the years it has been practiced in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Kansas settlers, who carried the art of quilt making into America, reflected their experiences through their unique patterns. These patterns usually depicteded the things around them like wildlife, flowers and log cabins that were appliquéd on quilt tops.

Quilting is relatively easier to finish if the top is made from rectangular and square blocks, as one can sew in straight lines down the seams. This is beneficial if you are using a sewing machine for a process called ‘quilting’ from which the item borrows its name.

There are various books and periodicals available for making a quilt. Eleanor Burns also known as the “The Queen of the Quilting Bee” has writte n and self published the book Quilt in a Day book, Make a Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern that has transformed the quilting world. Quilters and other readers who are new to the art of quilting have discovered novel techniques of using a rapid stitch system, an assembly-line style of piecework using strips of fabric and sewing and cutting applications. By adopting the short gradual instructions, practically any sewer belonging to any level can learn how to make a beautiful patchwork quilt in a day, with ease and a lot of fun.

After the introduction of the revolutionary “Quilt in a Day” method, it has influenced a hit international television series on PBS and more than 70 best-selling books.