African American Wedding Cake Toppers

African American Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake toppers that feature an African American bride and groom are the African American wedding cake toppers. A wedding cake topper is a small model of the bride and groom in the wedding attire that is made to sit atop the wedding cake.

All About The African American Wedding Cake Toppers

The African American wedding cake toppers represent strongly the African American wedding; they are enriched with symbolism. The cake toppers help to connect with your family heritage and also depict a sentiment from your vows. Today, you also have the choice of personalizing your wedding cake toppers; this can easily be done with colored clay and edible sugar paste. So, come on; get figurines that will look similar to the wedding couple, you can do that.

The African American theme reigns supreme in the African American wedding cake toppers; if you are an African American, you will love to have this kind of a wedding cake topper as you can relate to it. These wedding cake toppers are available to fit the budget and suit the different preferences of the couples.

Depending on the kind of person you are, you can get wedding cake toppers that come as humorous, traditional or elegant. It is no more mandatory to have the traditional style wedding cake topper that had the bride in a long white wedding gown and the groom in a black morning dress. Use your imagination and creativity and get some interesting wedding cake topper for your wedding.

Some Catchy Ideas

Be it the African American wedding cake toppers or cake toppers of any other culture, you can go wild with your creativity; the idea is to have fun and enjoy your wedding. The wedding is yours, so why shouldn’t be the cake topper of your choice?

If you do not want a mere figurine and want something that will depict just the two of you, why not go for the heart frame that will hold both of your pictures? Isn’t it a great idea that the wedding cake topper will then be essentially depicting both of you!

Other great ideas for African American wedding cake toppers include the ones featuring butterflies, a seaside jewel cake topper, princess cake topper, a swan cake topper, a castle cake topper and heart shaped wedding cake toppers. Find out the one which you prefer or get your cake topper custom-made to make your wedding a special event very close to your heart.