Knot a Quilt

Knot a Quilt

Knot a Quilt is a no-stuff blanket, no-sew from Alex Toys that makes it easier for kids to make a quilt in a matter of hours. One might doubt if it’s a quilt, but it surely is one! As the name rightly denotes, the Knot a Quilt Kit kids can knot the pieces together for making a funky, fuzzy quilt. The kit comprises of 48-9" fleece squares in 6 bold colors that have fringed, chunky ends that can be knotted together for making a colorful pattern.

There are various reasons why one should teach a kid to quilt. Not only would you form an essential cross-generation bond, but also an underlying educational value attached to the concept of quilting. A kid can learn about shapes, colors, and complicated mathematical equations by arranging the geometric shapes into patterns. Shapes have a different kind of magic in them and have endless possibilities. In addition, quilting as a whole has a number of social and historical lessons to deliver.

In the case of Alex T oysÂ’ Knot a Quilt Kit, all you would need are a daring design, nimble fingers, and knowledge of how to put the knot a cozy blanket to use.

In comparison to adults, kids retain their sense of wonder that they are born with. In the process of teaching a kid how to knot a quilt, adults can experience and renew the pure beauty of fabric, texture and color. In addition, since the Knot a quilt kit is meant for kids who are 6 years old and older , quilting can be introduced at a much earlier age. Besides, by making a project together you create everlasting memories for both the beginner and you, the experienced quilter.

Teach your kids quilt making and let loose their innate creativity. Other than using the standard quilts you could take kids on field trips to the quilt or fabric store and see for yourself their free-spirited approach to color and know their innovative quilting ideas, setting aside all traditional quilting "rules ". Any kid of 9 years old or more can turn out an amazing quilt with some adult supervision.