Queen Size Quilt

Queen Size Quilt

Though an average person may look at a queen size quilt as merely another commodity, which is used to provide warmth and comfort. But for a person with high aesthetic value, it is a piece of art worth appreciation. Quilts, that started as simple sheet for the mass peasants have now become a valuable memento for a number of families. Beautiful queen size quilts are merely not used for their usual purpose of providing warmth but also for decoration. These quilts often become the prime attraction of several living rooms, as it adds to the ethnicity of the ambience.

Queen size quilt comes in various colors, patterns and fabrics. You can even make it yourself using any fabric of your choice. Generally, cotton and silk are preferred. However, many people choose jute based queen-size quilts for decoration. Though you can pick any color for making your quilt, a combination of blue and beige goes well with a diamond pattern for queen size quilt. Make smaller diamonds on one side and arrange the big ones on the other side. Besides, you can also reverse the traditional pattern of bear paws to make your quilt stand out of the ordinary ones. The paw prints come in a combination of striking white and black against a black fabric with small snowflakes. You can also add a brown leather patch to it to give it an effect of gazing out of windows on a dark snowy night. Besides you can also use white thread for a swirling stitch to give a look of drifting snow pattern to your queen size quilt.

You can also opt for hand dyed fabrics to make queen size quilts and incorporate a pattern suggesting lunar eclipse reflected in a hall of mirrors. It will certainly add a splash of rich vibrant colors to the décor of your bedroom. You can buy from several well-known shops as well as order for beautiful queen size quilts online. In order to buy online, you need to select a quilt from online catalogs. Once you select and order, your favorite quilt will be dispatched instantly. Besides if you are a resident of United States you can get them delivered absolutely free of cost.

Queen size quilts can certainly give a different look to your home décor besides providing warmth and comfort. So, try making it or order for instant delivery.

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